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Teenagers only! Join in on pick-up youth Speedball! Teams are picked weekly and divided up to play an hour of Speedball every week.

Please enter through Kaegebein door #10

The object of the game is to knock down all three "castles" of the opposing team.
6 players on each side maximum
Each round will last 5 minutes or until all castles are knocked down from the opposing team.
Line Markings:

  • First minute and a half; half court throws

  • Minute and a half – four and a half minutes are the next line (volleyball line)

  • Last 30 seconds three point line


  • If you get hit you are out.

  • If a player catches a ball, the player who threw the ball is out and a player from your team is back in. The player who is back in must be the first person who was out in that game and go down the line.

  • If you hit a player in the head, the player you hit is still in and you are out. You get one warning and then are ejected from the game.

  • For every girl standing at the end of the game, that team will be awarded 2 points.

  • If you step over the designated line you are out.

  • If the ball bounces off the wall and you catch it, the catch does not count. If the ball hits the wall or the ground before you, you are still in.

  • If the ball bounces off another player and you catch it, the player who threw the ball is out and you and your team mate are still in.

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Speedball * CANCELED
13 - 15  8 - 10  Tu  01/07/2020 - 02/04/2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

$25.00 R, $50.00 NR